Unitek.AI lends extra help to Flender

Data extraction platform developer promises 'world-class' customer experience
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6 September 2019

Data extraction platform developer Unitek.AI has signed a deal with peer-to-peer business lender Flender is to automate its data entry operations.

Founded in 2018, Unitek.AI’s online platform extracts data from scanned images of forms including those with handwriting and automates the data entry into any system without the need for manual intervention to over 99.9% accuracy.

“We’re looking forward to being able to help all of these companies minimise the amount of time needed for employees to manually conduct data entry. The fact that we are already trading in 3 countries with a significant pipeline to service demonstrates the global potential of our platform across a number of industry verticals including insurance,” said Unitek.AI CEO Martin Brown.




“By using our cloud based platform, we can help save time, reduce costs and increase accuracy, among other invaluable benefits of integrating our platform such as allowing employees to focus on the things that matter.

“Our ambition is to help organisations such as Flender deliver world-class customer experience that they strive to achieve every day.

“The customer is at the core of our values at Unitek.AI, as it is with Flender who provide that financial certainty and are helping businesses expand everyday.

Unitek.AI became an Enterprise Ireland high-potential start-up following the completion of New Frontiers programme at TU Dublin Hothouse in December 2018.

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