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TomTom OptiDrive 360

24 March 2015


Logitech MX Master Wireless MouseLogitech MX Master

Logitech’s MX Master has a speed-adaptive scroll wheel that lets you auto-shift from click-to-click to hyper-fast scrolling, and a thumbwheel for side-to-side scrolling and page switching.
Connect to your Windows or Mac computer through Logitech’s Unifying Receiver or to up to three devices simultaneously by Bluetooth, allowing you to work on your desktop, laptop or tablet. With a touch of the Logitech Easy-Switch button, you can freely switch between each device, and it has a button that can be customised to replicate gesture controls on Macs.
Buttons can be customised through the included Options software.

Price: €103.99


OptiDrive 360 TomTom Optidrive 360

Fitness fanatics will be well aware of the data-driven approach to physical wellbeing and now the same logic is being applied to driving. TomTom Telematics’ Webfleet OptiDrive 360 logs how well you are driving and provides real-time feedback to motorists so they can drive safely and efficiently.
Pre-trip, OptiDrive 360 has advice on how to drive safely and fuel-efficiently. Direct feedback and driving advice is offered during the trip to actively coach the driver. After the trip a snapshot analysis is available to review the trip statistics based on eight performance indicators: speeding, driving events, idling, fuel consumption, green speed, coasting (gas released while in gear), gear shifting and constant speed.

Price: tbc


Sony SRS-X11

Sony SRS X-11Measuring 61x61x61mm, the SRS-X11 uses Bluetooth and NFC to connect to your smartphone or other device wirelessly. Despite its small body, the SRS-X11 still packs a punch as it combines 10W sound with two passive radiators for delivering rich, deep bass. You can also use it as a speaker phone.
For more immersive sound there is a ‘speaker add’ function for connecting additional units together to create left and right channels.
A built-in rechargeable battery lasts approximately 12 hours and recharges over microUSB.

Price: tbc (available April 2015)

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