Truata joins global data-driven pandemic response group

Privacy-enhanced analytics solutions provider to work with Rolls-Royce as part of initiative
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16 April 2020

Privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider, Truata has joined forces with Rolls-Royce and other noted data owners, policy advisors and technical specialists, to support the response to Covid-19 and subsequent global recovery. 

Dubbed ‘Emer2gent’, the alliance will combine traditional economic, business, travel and retail data sets with behaviour and sentiment data. All insights will be generated through the voluntary alliance will be published for free.

Emer2gent models will be used to identify lead indicators of economic recovery cycles. It is hoped that global businesses will utilise these findings when making operational decisions to help limit the recessionary impact of the virus.




Truata will provide its privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions to help extract key actionable insights from data sets, while adhering to data protection laws.

“We’re keen to support the efforts in extracting the analytical value out of contributed data sets to assist in the containment of Covid-19 and drive economic recovery – in a way that fully respects the privacy rights of the individuals underlying that data,” said CEO of Truata, Felix Marx.

“Truata will do this via its suite of proprietary privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions (including its data anonymisation, privacy risk quantification, data de-identification and synthetic data generation solutions), which have been specifically designed to empower high-value analytics on large data sets while complying with the highest global privacy standards.” 

Interested parties can register to join the alliance at:

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