TechBeat: The great data explosion


27 July 2015

As O’Connor has pointed out, recovery time is individual to many organisations and depends on various parameters, from business models to regulatory obligations and more. However, she points out that the overall average recovery time is almost two days (45.6 hours).

“For many businesses, this is way too long. In the on-demand world that we now live in, having mission-critical data go missing for two days could be very damaging for a business and its brand.”

Finally, in these litigious days, respondents were asked about recovering specific correspondence or documents relating to an individual over the last seven years. The majority (80%) were somewhat or very confident of being able to accomplish this, but a worrying one in five were not at all confident.

“There are increasingly stringent regulations surrounding data protection and compliance for Irish companies,” said O’Connor. “Back-up and safe recovery of all relevant data and documents has to be a priority for Irish organisations today. We would hope that confidence levels increase dramatically as systems and policies are put in place now to protect the ever-increasing volumes of data being created and shared across multiple devices and locations.”

The overall picture is not entirely unexpected as the majority of Irish organisations, leveraging the expertise and range solutions available, are dealing with demand and obligations when it comes to data storage and management. However, the number of organisations that don’t test recovery plans regularly, maintain recovery documentation or store back-ups in secure offsite locations is very worrying. The statistics in relation to organisation survival in the event of critical data loss in a disaster have improved, but they remain ominous and should be sufficient warning to act.

Hopefully, the ubiquity of good solutions, services and expertise in the market will allow those organisations who are struggling or falling short to address these issues, making data disaster headlines an even rarer event than the natural disasters that are so often their precipitator.

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