Sustainability the business of end users and the channel

TechBeat and DataSolutions gauge mood on Green credentials
Image: Alena Koval/Pexels

4 August 2021

From recycling to energy consumption to waste management, sustainability is a broad church containing any measure to mitigate the effects of environmental catastrophe. Yet as consumers consider taking fewer foreign holidays, switching energy providers and even track the air miles behind getting their favourite foods from farm to fork it’s time the private sector adopted a similar level of scrutiny to its practices.

The IT sector is uniquely placed to assess and develop sustainable solutions but is it a leader or a laggard when it comes to recognising the innovation and business value of a Green strategy?

DataSolutions, founder of the Techies Go Green initiative, and TechBeat are polling end users and channel professionals separately to get their views on how sustainability is changing the way they do business. One lucky respondent will receive an Apple Watch SE.




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