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Students recruited to produce ‘Science Week Live!’

Live-streamed show to highlight the array of activities taking place during Science Week 2021
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8 November 2021

Transition year students from St Louis all girls secondary school in Dundalk, Co. Louth and Margaret Aylward Community College, Whitehall, Dublin 9 are producing ‘Science Week Live!’, a live-streamed show highlighting the astounding array of activities taking place across Ireland during Science Week 2021, which kicked off yesterday 7 November.  

Science communicator Dr Niamh Shaw has recruited the talented students to get behind, and in front of the camera, to help create a daily magazine style show. The students aged 15-16, will put their journalism and video production skills to the test as they get the inside scoop on Science Week 2021.

Science Week Live! will air Monday to Friday at 5-5:30 PM on Dr Shaw’s Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch channels.




“Science Week is packed full of shows, events, talks and activities – it can be difficult to know where to begin,” said Dr Shaw. “However, fear not, Science Week Live! does all the hard work and will provide a comprehensive summary of each day’s programme. The students and I will be interviewing special guests, reviewing shows, uncovering behind-the-scenes gossip and sharing news about the best, not-to-be-missed events, stories and science of Science Week 2021.”

Working with Niamh to create each day’s show, the students have the opportunity to present, produce, and provide support in any aspect of the process that interests them.

“Science Week Live! will be all about collaboration and learning what we can from each other,” continued Dr Shaw. “I hope it’s an opportunity for the students to learn some media and science/climate communication skills from me while I’m hoping they will share the inside track about TikTok, SnapChat and the hottest social media trends with me. So, together we can reach new audiences and share the very latest in science/climate conversations and all Science Week 2021 has to offer with as many people as possible.”

As a platform for TY students to express their ideas about science, Science Week Live! aligns with Science Foundation Ireland’s Creating Our Future initiative – an opportunity for everyone in Ireland to give ideas on how to make our country better for all. From science, the environment, health and education to poverty, the arts, diversity, and inclusion – all ideas are welcome that can inspire researchers to help make a better future for Ireland.

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