Stroke rehab platform claims top spot at Hacking Medicine

Pictured: Dr Adrian Rutledge, Myeda Kamal, Thomas McCartan and John Gorman, 3R, with Matt Moran, BioPharmaChem Ireland



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19 September 2016 | 0

3R, a post-stroke recovery and rehabilitation platform which through a user-friendly remote device application that guides, assists and monitors the rehabilitation of stroke victims in their own homes, beat out eight other teams to claim the top spot at the first Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Hacking Medicine event in Ireland.

The nine teams, were supported by 37 mentors from a variety of sectors including biopharma, health, technology, software and others, and worked throughout the weekend to develop solutions to provide patients with better treatment outcomes as well as specific areas such as better drug logistics and waste management, more effective doctor-patient interaction and a better overall patient experience.

Other project ideas included Safe-Hands, a smart hand sanitising system took second place in the competition; and Sun, Sea & Surgery, a pan European bed shortage solution, took third place.

Commenting at the event, MIT Hacking Medicine co-director Khalil Ramadi said: “We were delighted to bring the MIT Hacking Medicine concept to Ireland for the first time, and have to commend all of the teams that participated.  Each came with great ideas and worked all weekend to deliver really impressive concepts and pitches.”

Ronan Furlong, CEO DCU Alpha, added: “The teams, supported ably by a prestigious panel of mentors worked around the clock from Friday evening to develop concepts and prototypes which are of a really high standard.  We would like to congratulate our winning team, on their innovative approach to the post-stroke rehabilitation process, which has the potential for time and money savings and in reducing the numbers of in-patients.

The Hackathon is part of the Dublin 2016 International Biopharma Ambition Convention, organised by Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), BioPharmaChem Ireland (BPCI) and the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), and takes place from 21–22 September.

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