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Storm Technology recognised with Microsoft advanced specialisation in adoption & change management

Accolade is awarded partners who can demonstrate expertise in driving organisational change
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23 September 2021

In association with Storm Technology

Storm Technology has been awarded the Microsoft advanced specialisation in adoption & change management.

This accolade is awarded to a select number of Microsoft partners who can demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise in driving organisational change by providing adoption and change management services to their customers.




“At Storm, trust and service quality are the foundations of every customer engagement, with this advanced specialisation re-enforcing these core principles. An evidence-based qualification process, requiring the partner to have a minimum of two individuals passing the Microsoft services adoption specialist partner university assessment, three customer references that demonstrate the ability to drive customer organisational change and a minimum of 10,000 monthly active user growth within SharePoint, Teams and/or Yammer, the Microsoft adoption & change management specialisation provides customers with even greater certainty when it comes to partner selection,” said Conall O’Kane, modern workplace team lead.

As the pace of technology change continues to evolve at lightning speed, companies across all industries are investing more and more time and money selecting and implementing the right technology solution. Yet the people side of this investment is overlooked, resulting in fragmented adoption or, even worse negative employee sentiment and wasted resources.

Chief operating officer Mick McKay said: “At Storm, our dedicated change management practice helps clients navigate business change, by focusing in on end-user adoption to overcome barriers to change and foster a change mindset within the client’s organisation. Earning this advanced specialisation is not only a testament to the extensive skills and experience of our team, but the growing demand for this service within the business landscape, as organisations strive to drive maximum impact from technology change.”

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