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Dermot Hayden, Sophos Ireland
Dermot Hayden, Sophos Ireland



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14 December 2016 | 0

Businesses large and small are under threat from increasingly aggressive ransomware attacks. Loss of access to critical files, followed by a demand for payment can be very costly and cause massive disruption to an organisation’s productivity. Many have the view that cyber-criminals only target large organisations, however with fewer resources and often weaker IT Security, SMEs tend to be a more profitable target for those looking to exploit weaknesses in an organisations defences. The growth in volume and complexity of the malicious software – that runs in the background making all the useful data on your computer unreadable by encrypting it – doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As a result, Irish businesses are increasingly looking to their IT Security Service Providers for help in defending against these attacks, and consolidation of legacy point security products is undoubtedly one of the first and most beneficial steps they can take in this regard. The answer is not to fight complexity with yet more complexity, but to build a security system where all the moving parts are integrated and intelligently communicating with each other across all areas of the business from the lowliest endpoint, to the core corporate firewall. The reality is that the complex layers of legacy point security products that have built up in most Irish businesses over the years are typically more of a hindrance rather than a help in thwarting modern cybercriminals and reducing the risk of accidental data loss.

Sophos Central is the only fully integrated security management platform, protecting corporate IT infrastructure and all end user devices. Integrating endpoint security, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, deep system clean, root cause analysis, mobile device management, server protection, e-mail, Web, encryption, wireless and real time synchronised communication with Sophos XG next generation firewall. This Web-based management console allows IT administrators within the Sophos Service Provider organisation and/or the end customer to monitor and manage their entire security status through a single view.

In addition, Sophos Central enables Managed Service Providers to deliver all aspects of their clients IT security requirements via an automated monthly billing model with central alerting and reporting for those customers who prefer their IT security delivered as a service.

With its intuitive and user-friendly experience, Sophos Central is effortless to implement, manage, and maintain.

This is particularly important as it is becoming increasingly hard for SMEs to benefit from all the latest security innovations, especially if they have to continually buy and manage new products. Sophos’ philosophy is to add the latest innovations into the products companies already use to ensure the latest technology is always available and make it simpler to manage for those organisations who don’t employ large teams of security professionals.

To stop these sophisticated threats, you need security products that work together as a system – protecting your users and corporate data across all points of the network. With Sophos synchronised security in Sophos Central, that’s exactly what you get. The Sophos Security Heartbeat shares intelligence in real time across a trusted channel between your endpoints and your firewall. This simple step of synchronising security products that previously operated independently creates more effective protection against advanced malware and targeted attacks.

If a computer is infected, do you really want it connecting to the Internet, where it can leak data or get instructions from an attacker? Security Heartbeat automates the important step of isolating compromised endpoints. Devices share their current security status with the Sophos Firewall OS, which instantly applies a customisable policy to restrict or isolate infected systems. It’s endpoint and network working synchronously to thwart the latest threats and prevent breaches.

You don’t need any additional hardware or software to set up synchronised security. Just enter your Sophos Central credentials into your XG firewall console, and the Security Heartbeat will be established automatically.

In addition, for those Sophos customers who are also using Sophos next-gen encryption it also synchronises with your wider IT system, sharing and acting on security intelligence. If your endpoint detects a threat, the encryption keys will be automatically revoked, so your data remains secure if hackers do manage to gain access to your network.

Sophos Intercept X is the latest Sophos product to be added to Sophos Central and provides anti-exploit, anti-ransomware cryptoguard technology with root cause analysis and deep clean capability to defend against the newest and most sophisticated of threats. Intercept X can be deployed alongside any other vendors traditional AV protection to provide the additional next generation defences businesses need to stay secure in today’s malware saturated environment.

Intercept X goes two steps further than any alternative next-gen products out there, through CryptoGuard and Root Cause Analysis. Other vendors can detect ransomware, but Sophos Intercept X can detect and stop known and unknown ransomware fast, and roll back hijacked encrypted files to their original state. Once the treat has been detected Intercept X provides a 360-degree forensic level analysis (Root Cause Analysis) with recommendations for stronger defences.

This ground-breaking solution to Ransomware combines four critical security components that IT administrators should expect from next-generation endpoint protection.

  • Signatureless Threat and Exploit Detection: Anti-malware and anti-hacker defense that blocks zero-day, unknown and memory resident attacks and threat variants without the need for file scanning
  • CryptoGuard: Anti-ransomware innovation that identifies and intercepts malicious encryption activity, blocks ransomware before it can lock and cripple systems and can roll back maliciously encrypted files to their pre-attack state
  • Root Cause Analytics: A 360 degree visual analysis of attack events that shows where the attack came in, what it affected, where it may have stopped and recommended actions to prevent a similar attack in the future
  • Sophos Clean: Powerful utility that hunts for and removes any trace of spyware and deeply embedded, lingering malware

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