Small businesses can survive and thrive – here’s how

Guido Kessler, managing director, EMEAR, Cisco Capital

Guido Kessler, managing director, EMEAR, Cisco Capital shares tips for small businesses adapting to a new way of working



14 April 2021 | 0

In association with Cisco Capital

In many ways the Covid-19 pandemic was a catalyst for IT trends, drastically changing the ways in which users consume and pay for IT.

Businesses around the world experienced unprecedented economic disruption. Managing cash flow and liquidity became a top priority. In addition, small businesses began to struggle to keep up with technology to remain competitive in today’s unpredictable climate.




That’s why Cisco made a commitment to help small businesses implement the most current IT infrastructures. Flexible payment options, such as Cisco easylease 0% and Cisco Easy Pay, helped our customers acquire the technology they needed to recover, transform, survive and thrive during these trying times.

Cisco Designed is a portfolio of simple and secure products and services specifically created for small businesses with the option to purchase them in a smart and easy way with a payment over time with no upfront costs, and rates as low as zero percent.

Flexible payment options continue to help many of our customers and partners alleviate some of the financial pressures felt during the pandemic. By providing access to technology solutions that are secure, reliable, and affordable, you can easily invest in the right technology to help propel your business forward. From traditional leases and loans to lifecycle management, consumption models, and bundled solutions, Cisco Capital is here to help you achieve your desired outcomes, within budget.

Following are three things to keep in mind as you consider reopening and transition to a new way of working:     

Conserve capital

Chances are your workplace and workforce has shifted to accommodate today’s hybrid working model. If that’s the case, it’s critical to invest in the right technology that can support dispersed operations, especially for those who will continue to work remotely. However, keep in mind, your technology doesn’t have to be brand new.

One way to save valuable capital is to invest in IT via Cisco Refresh, Cisco’s certified remanufactured equipment program. Cisco Refresh has thousands of products that are backed by the same Cisco warranty and service support as new products. Not only can you acquire quality technology you need while saving capital, using remanufactured equipment also allows you to minimize your environmental impact. You can even return used equipment to support a more sustainable economy.

Manage cash flow

Look for financing programs that offer built-in capabilities to ensure you’re successfully managing cash flow. As an example, Cisco Capital can help you secure the technology you need to run your business with regular, predictable payments, often with interest rates as low as zero percent. In fact, we make it easier to finance the technology you need to help your business recover with Cisco easylease 0%, which allows you to pay monthly over 36 months at zero percent interest. That way you can eliminate upfront costs, preserve your cash for other priorities and always know exactly how much and when you’re spending.

For added simplicity, customers of Cisco can choose to finance the entire solution on one easy-to-manage contract with a single invoice, including Cisco hardware, software, and services from select third party vendors.

Expect the unexpected, always be prepared

Most small businesses are operating with a very small IT team – if any, at all. Whether your team is onsite or working from home – or a combination of both – making sure everyone can collaborate securely is essential to your business. Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work can help keep your teams productive with the right combination of firewalls, endpoint security, and cloud management for a safe and secure system. As you think about improving and securing your network connections, Cisco can help you plan with confidence. We are working towards an inclusive future where the primary objective is growth and prosperity for all.

Learn more about technology for small businesses and find out how Cisco can help you today.

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