Park Place Technologies, I Wish launch TechForGood in Ireland

Gillian Keating, I Wish
Gillian Keating, I Wish

58% of students at DEIS schools in Ireland do not have a laptop for schoolwork



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11 October 2021 | 0

To celebrate International Day of the Girl, which will take place 11 October, Park Place Technologies is teaming up with TechForGood to launch a laptop donation programme.

Research from Camara Ireland has found that 58% of students at Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) in Ireland do not have a laptop for schoolwork.

UNICEF has also acknowledged the growing digital divide, with recent reports that show girls are more likely to be at a disadvantage, as “girls are less likely than boys to own devices and gain access to tech-related jobs.”




During the next year, Park Place Technologies, a global IT infrastructure services and solutions provider, will join global corporations focusing on this need by donating a minimum of 100 refurbished laptops to female students in Ireland who have limited or no access to technology, as part of the TechForGood initiative. This zero-waste recycling initiative bridges the accessibility gap by providing refurbished laptops to female students across Ireland who may have problems accessing technology.

Teachers in Ireland who have applied for the first wave of donations report an increased need for laptops.

“Having your own laptop allows you to have a meaningful tech experience and also full access to necessary programmes, quality of research would improve, and they would be on even playing field with their peers,” said one teacher.

Others reported: “Projects and essays are very difficult to draft on small screen and phones” … “We find students struggle massively to access learning from home due to lack of technology” … “A number of students muddle along as best they can, but they fall between the cracks, modestly preferring to remain under the radar.”

Jennifer Deutsch, chief marketing officer for Park Place Technologies, said: “By changing attitudes one step at a time through global initiatives, providing tangible resources and championing success stories, I Wish is making genuine change that will impact generations of women. Park Place is an I Wish partner as we believe in developing a fully diverse workforce where all talent can learn and thrive.”

“The past year has exposed the profound digital divide that exists,” said Gillian Keating, co-founder of I Wish. “Many homes have no devices like laptops while some households share a device. Those without the resources can be cut off from opportunities to develop skills and to network with like-minded girls and role models, which increases gender inequality. Access to technology should be a right, not a privilege.”

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