Mondello Park calls in EMR to streamline comms

EMR Mondello
Dean Reardon and Mark Quinn, EMR; Roddy Greene, Mondello Park



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16 October 2017 | 0

Network and mobile telecommunications supplier EMR Integrated Solutions has signed a deal with Mondello Park to upgrade the venue’s digital two-way radio network.

Covering over 100 acres, the network will streamline handheld radio communications for 40 staff and help provide better customer service to the race track’s 140,000 annual visitors.

Roddy Greene, general manager, Mondello Park, said: “The move to digital radio provides a performance boost to our communications and gives us better coverage throughout the complex. All track marshals, support crews, medics, gate staff and maintenance teams rely heavily on the radio network. With race meets taking place every weekend between March and October and corporate events during the week, it’s the only way to communicate across the site. It’s really important for us that the radios perform well,” he said.

Dean Reardon, sales executive, EMR, said: “We chose the Motorola DP1400 digital handset for this project as it provides a rugged, high performance reliable portable communications solution, ideally suited for the high-use and demanding environment within Mondello Park.

“The new digital technology within the DP1400 handset allowed us to deliver a user friendly multi-channel communications network, which segregates voice traffic for the various track marshals, operations, gate staff and medical personnel during race events and enhances staff operations and visitor safety levels within Mondello Park.”

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