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1 April 2005 | 0

A recent survey of mobile phone users indicates that there is strong public demand for mobile government initiatives.

According to the study, which was undertaken by Amárach on behalf of the mobile messaging and data services provider Púca, a large number of Irish people wish to interact with public sector services via their mobile phones. Although most eGovernment initiatives have focused on providing access to public services via the Internet, only 42 per cent of the population has personal access to the Internet compared to 80 per cent who own a mobile phone.

Overall, almost half of those people interviewed for the survey said they would be would be interested in services that allow them to get text message reminders about NCT tests, CAO results, driving tests, hospital appointments and other public sector services. A similar amount (48 per cent) expressed an interest in being able to request information by sending a text message to get information about health services, tax forms and other similar public services.




Approximately 40 per cent of respondents said they would be interested in being able to vote by text on various public interest issues and almost half of those surveyed agreed that they would find it easier to send a text message than sending an e-mail or visiting a website in order to access public service information. Within the 15-24 year old age group the figure was as high as 61 per cent.

Not surprisingly, significant differences were found between the attitudes of different age groups. 55 percent of those within the 25-34 age group would be interested in being able to vote by text on various public interest issues. This compares with 41 per cent in the 15-24 bracket, 35 per cent in the 35-49 age bracket; 29 per cent in the 50-64 age bracket and just nine per cent in the 65-74 bracket.


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