Is return to office a headache for IT pros?

TechBeat and Auxilion poll looks for clarity on what makes a secure hybrid workplace
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30 August 2021

With the majority of Irish adults now fully vaccinated attention is turning to the full restoration of public services, leisure activities and, of course, the return to the office. However, as the past year-and-a-half have shown, there is little appetitite to return to ‘business as usual’ to the extent that we now have a generation of workers keen to put quality of life over salary as a defining feature of their next job.

The benefits of remote working may not have been fully proven but the model is in demand to the point that splitting time between home and the office is part of the ‘new normal’.

What does this mean for security professionals in their attempts to control and maintain massive IT estates that have inevitably come to include personal devices? Even worse, as threat actors become ever more aggressive in their methods, are businesses capable of effectively managing a workforce that expects to be on site for as little time as possible?




TechBeat and Auxilion are asking readers for their their views on how security will inform their return to work and hiring strategies. One lucky respondent will receive an Apple Watch SE.

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