Irish space sector set employ more than 1000 by 2020

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27 June 2017 | 0

The largest space event to ever take place in Ireland or the UK is happening in Cork with the arrival of the International Space University’s Space Studies Program (SSP17).

A total of 320 international space experts from 26 different countries will take part in the programme over nine weeks looking at all aspects of space and its related enterprises from Engineering, Science, and Applications to Law, Business, Humanities, and Human Performance in outer space.

The global space economy is worth more than €300 billion worldwide and over the next four years, Ireland will spend more than €300 million on space activities.

The Dept of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation has set a number of targets for the sector in Ireland to achieve by 2020, including an increase of the number of indigenous companies in the sector from 40 to 80; the establishment of an ESA Business Incubation Centre; increased participation in the ESA Science programme; and an overall rise in the number of jobs to more than 1000.

The establishment of an ESA Space Solutions incubator in Ireland will provide seed money and technical assistance to companies related to the space sector and the recent announcement that Ireland will build its first small satellite affirms the growing appetite to become part of the global space industry.

It is expected that SSP17 will offer support to start-ups, SMEs and MNCs. The same will also be true for the 40 Irish companies including Curtiss Wright, Treemetrics, Radisen Diagnostics and Marine Applications – that are already successfully servicing the industry.

The Space Studies Program will also organise visits by SSP17 participants to companies referenced in the Ireland’s Space Endeavours brochure, prepared by Enterprise Ireland.

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