Irish more invested in cryptocurrency than US, UK

Irish men are twice more likely to own cryptocurrency than women
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24 August 2021

A higher percentage of adults own cryptocurrency in Ireland than in the UK and US, according to a recent cryptocurrency ownership report from

The report found that 15% of Irish adults (an estimated 552,000 people) own cryptocurrency versus 9% of adults in the US and 8% in the UK.

Vietnam recorded the highest percentage of cryptocurrency owners, with 41% of adults reporting ownership. This was followed by Indonesia and India, both of which recorded 30% ownership.




Ireland ranked 15th out of the 27 countries studied, however we fell below the global average for cryptocurrency ownership (19%).

The Finder report highlighted a gender gap in cryptocurrency ownership in Ireland; 18% of Irish men own some cryptocurrency, compared to just 9% of Irish women.

It also found that Bitcoin is the most popular coin in Ireland at 8%, followed by Ethereum (3%) and Ripple (3%).

Meanwhile, those aged 25-34 are the most likely to invest in cryptocurrency (20%), followed by 45–54-year-olds (15%). 

Over 42,000 people across 27 countries participated in the study.

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