Irish Chemical Company reduces costs with Microsoft Office 365

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14 July 2014 | 0

In addition, Lync Online eliminates the boundaries that previously prevented stakeholders from coming together to make decisions. The program’s audio and video capabilities give employees easy access to each other. “Decision making was challenging before, because our technology made roundtable discussions difficult,” Brady says. “Lync enables us to instantly connect people from Cork, Dublin and Belfast at any time, from any place.”

Brady’s enthusiasm extends to the ease-of-use and scalability of Office 365. “We don’t have an IT department, so upgrading to an on-premises server was daunting. With Office 365, we get all of the benefits of a traditional server without the extra maintenance costs, servers, and support contracts while being able to scale to add new employees and capabilities.”

With Office 365, Carbon Group has been able to offer its customers faster, higher quality service, in turn creating more business.

“I don’t get enthusiastic about too many things in life,” Brady says, “but Office 365 is brilliant.”

Office 365 has united Carbon Group like never before. “I love the connectivity and ease with which all the products and services work together seamlessly,” Brady says. “We’re creating a better corporate culture across the board.”

On the road
Even from the road, employees can tap into the cloud through SharePoint Online, which puts relevant information right at their fingertips. “Except for the scenery, working remotely is almost like working in the office,” Brady says. “We have reliable, intuitive and integrated on-the-go access to our documents and information from our laptops or mobile phones. That, in turn, improves our customer service.”

Lync Online eliminates the lag time inherent in e-mail communication, bringing employees together on the spot for instant messaging sessions and audio and video chats. “No matter whether employees are in Dublin or Belfast, they can fully participate in our operational meetings,” Brady says. “Lync enables us to have engaging roundtable discussions and make better decisions in less time.”

According to Brady, Office 365 is supporting Carbon Group’s long-term business goals. “We could acquire a new business as we continue to grow and it is the simplest thing in the world to bring on new people with Office 365,” he says.

“The connectivity, simplicity, and predictable monthly costs is reason enough to make the switch, but our Office 365 subscription also includes upgrades to the latest products,” Brady adds, noting the company will be able to save thousands of Euros it would have spent on upgrading and maintaining a traditional server infrastructure. “Let’s be honest, there is no logical reason to ever go back to an on-premises solution.”

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