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15 April 2021


Women4IT – Employ one of our Professionals

Are you looking for an intern to join your team? Why not partnering with Women4IT? This could be the perfect opportunity for you to get highly motivated and skilled new staff and to increase gender equality within your organisation.

The judging for Scratch National Competition has begun

The Scratch National Competition is now entering the judging phase, with results to be disclosed on Wednesday 7th April. A lot of great projects have been submitted this year and it is going to be a hard job for the judges! Read more…

Meet ICS Fellow Paul Gillen

ICS Fellow, Paul Gillen has been working in the area of cybersecurity and Fraud since 1996. In this interview, he reflects on his career and the technology changes he’s seen during his career. Read more…

45 Digital SMEs join launch of European Green Digital Coalition at Digital Day 2021

The European Commission and the Portuguese Council Presidency have announced the launch of the European Green Digital Coalition at the Digital Day 2021 event in Porto on 19th March. The Coalition is an initiative by the European Parliament to spark transformative change towards ICT-enabled sustainability in the private sector. Read more…

Guidelines for developing ICT Professional Curricula

The “Guidelines for developing ICT Professional Curricula, as scoped by EN16234-1 (eCF)” was presented to stakeholders on Friday, March 26th. Participants at the workshop were informed about the latest developments in this EC/CEN TC 428 project in support of the IT Professionalism agenda.

The guidelines, which will be published next year, draw on educational profile methodology, rooted in the realitpry of the IT industry in Europe and the need for synergy between education and professional practice.

A new approach is required to address the education of new ICT entrants and for the continuous professional development of existing practitioners, especially in light of the European Commission’s ambitious “Digital Decade” target of having 20 million IT Professionals in Europe by 2023. Read more…

The Digital Decade

On 9th March 2021, the Commission presented a vision for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, the Digital Decade, addressing four key policy areas: These are government, infrastructure, business and skills.

The European skills agenda pays particular attention to digital skills, and the ambitious target that the Digital Decade sets to achieve 20 million IT Professionals in Europe by 2030 will challenge the commission and all member states to make solid proposals and to commit resources to finding a way to reach this goal.

The annual growth rate in the sector must increase from the current 4.2% to 10% per annum, a monumental task that will only happen with a complete shift in practice and a new approach to developing the IT profession in Europe.

The ICS will shortly conduct a consultation with members to bring the view of Irish IT professionals to the table at the Commission as the plans are formulated. Read more…

Upcoming member events

The IT Professionalism Conference 2021

The IT Professionalism Conference takes place over 3 half-day online sessions on 20-22 April. The event will be co-hosted by IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE), the Irish Computer Society, eSkills Malta Foundation, and Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. 20 April, Online, Free

IT Professionalism Information Event

“Developing the competent, trusted and recognised IT profession in Europe – the journey already started” – ITPE and CEN/TC428 Event Hosts
Introduction to the core elements of IT professionalism, making IT profession competent, trusted, and recognised in Europe.

  • What is IT professionalism and why is it important?
  • What are the building blocks of the IT professionalism?
  • CEN/TC428, its role, how it works, its outputs and their use
  • How to get involved
  • What is e-CF and how it can be used?
  • Broad range of professionalism standards projects currently underway and their practical benefits 20 May, Online, Free

Anyone for a Blockchain Beer? Blockchain: Creating trust through transparency

Join us for a free webinar on how technology is transforming logistics in the brewing industry. Ireland Craft Beers is an award-winning logistics and selling platform for Irish Micro-Breweries, Cideries and Distilleries in Ireland to have their products sold throughout international export markets. 14 April, 1.5 CPD Points, Online, Free

itSMF Webinar: How to successfully get AI into your organisation

In this webinar, we will identify which business areas benefit the most from AI, and how to successfully implement Artificial Intelligence within your organisation.  15 April, 1.5 CPD Points, Online, Free

itSMF Webinar: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

Why does your organisation need a Product Owner? Who is the Product Owner? What do they do? During this webinar, Mia Kolmodin will answer these and other questions about the role of the Product Owner. 26 May, Online, Free

Upcoming professional development and training

ECDPO – Data Protection Assessment

GDPR comes with a requirement for organisations to take a risk-based approach when processing personal data. This is particularly relevant where data processing can pose a high Irish to the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. 13 – 14 April,  10.5 CPD Points, Online, Member Discount Available

ECDPO – Managing a Data Breach

Data Breaches are an increasingly common occurrence in today’s technologically driven world. News of enterprise-level data breaches continues to grace news headlines daily. 20 – 21 April,  10.5 CPD Points, Online, Member Discount Available

ECDPO – How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit

Audits are used to identify any issues of concern about the way the organisation deals with personal data and to recommend solutions. Under GDPR, organisations now have an obligation to audit their data procession activities. 4 – 5 May,  10.5 CPD Points, Online, Member Discount Available

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