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1 April 2005 | 0

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’s main character, Mr 47, is the kind of bald-domed character that makes you want to shave your scalp.

Unfortunately, the controls are a bit complicated. Eventually you’ll learn to tame these jumpy, highly complex controls, but they’re quite tricky at first. Still, they’re a solid improvement on the first game’s awful handling.

The gameplay is where the fun shines in as it mixes twitchy gunplay with a puzzle-like bent to stalking your prey. There are always several different ways to set up the hit, so part of the charm is devising your approach.




Typical missions involve figuring out a way into a heavily guarded location and taking out the top dog, usually by donning a disguise. Better AI and less ‘floaty’ physics would’ve made a world of difference in all the subtle interactions, though.

Visually, the impressive lighting is the best part of the game, but the characters movement also looks great. The decent audio offers solid voice acting, music, and weapons sound effects, but it rarely impresses.

For many gamers, Hitman 2 will make a fine rental, but if you’re really intrigued by playing the stealthy assassin, look into taking out a contract.

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