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Government announces €30m in ICT supports for schools

Pictured: Minister for Education & Skills Richard Bruton and Maths Week founder Shelia Donegan with Erin Whelan (11), Dáire Sheehy (11), Katelyn McCormack (11), Michael Sadbaatar (11), Anthony Smida (11) and Tameron O'Brien (10) from Rutland National School, Sean McDermott St

3 January 2017

Minister for Education & Skills Richard Bruton has announced the availability of €30 million in ICT infrastructure grants for primary and post-primary schools as part of the start Government’s five-year €210 million Digital Strategy for Schools.

The grant is worth approximately €4,000 for a 100 pupil school and approximately €11,000 for a 500 pupil school at primary level.

At post-primary level, the Minister said that the grant is worth circa €15,000 for a 500 student school, and over €27,000 for a 1,000 student school.

Some examples of the infrastructure that schools can purchase with this funding are teaching computers/shared student computers such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices; projectors or interactive flat screens (IFS); cloud-based tools, applications and learning platforms.

“No matter what career a young person contemplates, there is one thing for sure, digital technology is evolutionising it. We can already see the agents of change – cloud, mobile, social and the internet of things,” said Bruton.

“For the generation of children recently born, creative thinking and problem-solving skills will be absolutely key to how they develop in reach and achieve their potential. In particular, their ability to think critically and develop solutions in the digital world will be vital for their prospects in life.

“Our digital strategy for schools sets out a clear vision that is focussed on realising the potential of digital technologies to transform the learning experiences of students.”

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