ESA Space Solutions Centre seeks start-ups with the right stuff

The European Space Agency's EDRS system. Image: ESA



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7 September 2016 | 0

Irish start-ups using space technology in both terrestrial and space exploration contexts are being invited to apply to the new ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland for funding and support.

Funded by the European Space Agency and Enterprise Ireland and led by Tyndall National Institute in Cork in partnership with Athlone Institute of Technology, Maynooth University, and Irish Maritime & Energy Research Cluster, the centre aims to support the application of technologies developed for space to solve challenges on Earth and beyond. T

The centre has two strands, providing enticing opportunities for both new and established companies. Each of the 25 successful applicants will receive €50,000 in seed funding, along with expert technical assistance and opportunities to access other funding mechanisms. It will also offer 10 rounds of €40,000 funding to support technology transfer for established companies that want to develop demonstrators for new products and services using space technology.

David Gibbons, manager, ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland, said: “This is an open call for companies and entrepreneurs to start talking to us, even if they are not sure whether they fit. So much technology that we use every day originally came from space programmes. People get hung up on the idea of technology that will be used on satellites or spacecraft, but this is about applying space technology more broadly to create good products, good companies and more jobs. Think enterprise, rather than the Starship Enterprise.”

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