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1 April 2005 | 0

A pair of inflatable speakers may sound like a whole lot of hot air, but it’s the latest lifestyle trend to hit the PC. Retailing at a budget price of €49.95, the Ellula U Sounds speakers are very attractive to look at, with their transparent clear and blue colouring. The speakers’ inner plastic columns look almost like a blue tornado spiralling upwards.

Included in the box with two inflatable speakers is a rudimentary amplifier and a power adapter. Compatible with both Windows PC and Mac, the speakers can also be connected to a CD, cassette, MP3 or mini-disc player via a standard audio-out connector.

But this I’m afraid is just about as good as it gets for these inflatable objets d’art. Although very easy to set up, they look much better than they sound — the audio from these speakers is very mediocre, almost as unspectacular as that tinny sound you get from a pair of built-in speakers in a notebook. I compared the audio from the Ellula set to that delivered by a basic set of Genius PC speakers that have been hanging around the office for over five years. The Genius speakers gave a warm if not earth shattering sound — much better than the inflatable ones that were sitting on my desk.




Ellula U Sounds inflatable speakers — Specs:

This really is a case of style over substance. If you’re looking for a really cool pair of speakers to complement your PC and aren’t too concerned about playing music on it, then these speakers will work aesthetically. But if it’s decent music audio you’re after, then get a set of speakers with a sub-woofer. One redeeming factor though is that they are obviously more portable should you need to take them with you than solid speakers.

Price: €49.95

Contact SD Distribution: +353 (0)91-769 611

Rating: 4/10

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