Dublin ranks low in EC report on ICT activity


18 April 2014

A survey released by the European commission that ranks ICT activity across Europe, has ranked Dublin sixteenth, in the third tier, behind Munich in first place, and London in second.

The Atlas of ICT Activity in Europe report, saw the European Commission compare various cities across Europe on parameters such as ICT research and development, innovation and business, with various weighted sub-indicator values to create a composite index score. Some 42 factors were considered in the process, including turnover growth, number of employees, international partnerships and networking.

The first tier were based on scores in the composite index range (EIPE CI) of 81 to 100, with the second tier being 61 to 80 and the third being 41 to 60.

Munich won out with a score of 100, closely followed by London on 97 and Paris on 95.

Cambridge, Stockholm and Amsterdam featured in the second tier, while Bonn led the third tier on 59, with Dublin coming in closely on 57.

However, the assessment is made not on the entire city, but rather on certain areas, so for example, London’s assessment is based on a territory described as “Inner London – East”.

Dublin ranked 21st for the sub-indicator for ICT research and development, with a score of 46, behind Vienna (47) in a category led again by Munich, Karlsruhe and Paris.

The highest ranking for Dublin was in the ICT business sub-indicator, where it came 12th with a score of 49, level with Cambridge, ahead of Milan, Madrid and Stuttgart.

Perhaps worryingly, the sub-indicator for academic ranking of a computer science faculty puts Dublin only 20th, with a score of 32, behind Utrecht, Southampton and Glasgow.


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