Digital learning firm launches ahead of new school year

Gavin Molloy and Diarmuid O'Muirgheasa, Olus Education (Image: Shane O'Neill, Coalesce)
Gavin Molloy and Diarmuid O'Muirgheasa, Olus Education (Image: Shane O'Neill, Coalesce)

Olus Education combines two market innovators to offer comprehensive solution



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25 August 2021 | 0

The digital learning sector has a new innovator, with the launch of Olus Education. The Irish technology training solution is aimed at children, teens and schools and combines up-to-the minute content, online platforms, in-depth digital learning and coding for all – in school or at home.

Olus Education’s blended learning portal means schools will be equipped to provide essential digital skills in the classroom and at home, while parents can also register their children directly for Olus’ extracurricular courses, covering everything from basic tech skills right up to masterclass level. Schools who sign up to Olus Education will be able to provide essential digital learning in all lessons – using tools such as Google Workspace, creative media, coding, and digital wellbeing. This is the first time a platform has offered technology training on this broad a spectrum to students in Ireland and the UK. 

Olus Education has been formed via the merger of two existing market leaders in digital learning – The Academy of Code and Cocoon Education. The new entity will benefit from the teams’ combined experience and expertise at a point of rapid evolution in online learning.




Schools can choose from three product options that best suit their needs around teacher and student training for digital learning, including one which provides a designated mentor to work closely with them to build and maintain momentum on their progress. Olus Education is also continuing the successful ‘Pathway to Computer Science’ programme, established by Academy of Code, which provides a detailed learning framework for young people who want to develop their coding and technology skills on an extra-curricular basis. 

A team of 30 educators and support staff are on board as Olus Education enters the market. The company is aiming for rapid growth, with a target of employing over 100 full-time staff by 2026, when the team also plans to have brought 250,000 students from Ireland, the UK and further afield on board its platform.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share the news about Olus Education – we’ve crafted an amazing offering for students, parents and teachers which will help them make great strides at all levels of digital learning,” said Diarmuid Ó Muirgheasa, CEO, Olus Education. “Ireland’s young people are already leaders in this area and Olus Education wants to inspire them to reach their full potential.”

Olus Education’s chief product officer, Gavin Molloy said the use of remote learning since 2020 has opened many people’s eyes: “This trend was growing before the pandemic but now, digital learning has been accepted as a vital part of a well-rounded education, preparing young people for future careers and a more tech-reliant society. Olus Education is set up to provide the best path from a basic understanding to professional proficiency”. 

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