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24 August 2015

Irish organisations are experiencing exactly the same pressures when it comes to data as the rest of the world. Many are struggling to handle the volume of data, store it appropriately and ensure it is properly protected.

To discern some of the specific pain points around this issue, TechPro, in association with Telecity Group, is surveying Irish IT pros on the issues and the preliminary results are quite interesting.

Unsurprisingly, the Irish market is predominantly made up of organisations employing either a hybrid of on-premise and hosted data or a hosted data set-up, with more than two thirds (67%) saying that compliance standards are a key differentiator when selecting a hosting partner.

More specifically, respondents have indicated that uptime is the key factor in choosing to host data with a data centre provider, some way above security and continuity and recovery advantages.

Also of note were the responses around cloud computing in general. When asked for the top three reasons for utilising cloud as part of an IT strategy, flexibility to expand was matched by disaster recovery as clear leaders, with driving cost efficiencies as the third, though some way behind.

This may be interpreted as Irish organisations maturing in their attitude to cloud, seeing the benefits of flexibility and availability as of more strategic importance than pure cost. This may also reflect the fact that as the economic situation improves in general, there is less focus on cost and more on growth and expansion, while maintaining the need for availability.

The survey is still open, and there is a chance to win an iPad.

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