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Data centres interest group welcomes global provider to its ranks



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14 March 2019 | 0

CyrusOne, the global data centre provider, has joined Host In Ireland, the data centres representative group.

With 45 data centres worldwide, a €400 million investment in Europe and planned construction at Grange Castle Business Park in Dublin, Nasdaq-listed CyrusOne’s membership represents the robust growth and solidity of the Irish data centre industry, said Host In Ireland.

Host In Ireland also welcomes new members Mitchell McDermot, E+I and The Dataplex Group. The inclusion of members from the supply, design, build, and operations in the data centre space, said Host in Ireland, is aligned with its dual mission to promote Ireland as an optimum location to host data from and promote the excellence found in Ireland to support companies in expanding globally. The initiative also works to inform global decision makers within the technology and data industries about Ireland’s data hosting calibre and capabilities.




This expansion will see key leaders in the industry join the Host In Ireland executive council. New members include Eddie Kilbane, CEO, Dataplex Group, Anthony McDermott, director, Mitchell McDermott, Tesh Durvasula, president, Europe, CyrusOne, and Philip O’Doherty, founder and MD, E+I.

The group reports that more than €9 billion is expected to have been invested in data centres by 2021, according to the Q3 report produced by Host In Ireland in association with Bitpower. This figure, says Host In Ireland, reflects Ireland’s attractiveness as a hosting location for tech multi-nationals.

“We are excited and honoured to be part of Host in Ireland executive council this year,” said Tesh Durvasula. “Over the last four years, Ireland has established itself as one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, with a dynamic technology and business environment that is driving a particularly strong data centre market. Our commitment to the region forms a fundamental component of our ongoing expansion strategy across Europe. I look forward to working with partner members as we come together to cement Ireland’s place as a great data centre destination.”

“Ireland is a thriving data centre hub right now,” said Speaking about the growth of Host In Ireland and the acquisition of new members, Host in Ireland president and founder Garry Connolly. “Creating high quality jobs, a rich foundation for inward investment and an ecosystem of supporting services that are now being exported all over the world. The continued expansion of Host In Ireland re-enforces the country’s position as an optimum location to host digital content. It’s a testament to growth in the industry and the initiative. With the world’s leading data centre operators and technology players locating in Ireland, we’re seeing increasing demand in support services and products that are not only servicing the Irish market but as an exporter of high-quality data related services and products all over the world.”

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