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14 May 2014 | 0

CWSI has been appointed as the exclusive partner for LiveMobile’s SchoolTime in Ireland and the UK.

Developed in Ireland, SchoolTime manages, controls and restricts mobile device usage in the school environment.

The solution allows the teacher to control what applications the pupil uses on the device in their class. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Camera are unavailable to the student and the only available applications would be their maths app or Irish Language app.

Similarly, Web access on the devices is customised by teachers to only allow for the websites needed to conduct their class. All rules for the device are set by each teaching period. A teacher may wish to allow a camera for art or science but not for other subjects. As all schools in Ireland must now have an anti-bullying policy, SchoolTime can be used to prevent pictures being taken and prevent the use of social media sites which ensures that no bad or negative activity occurs during the school day or while the child/student is in the care of the school.

“Online learning, research, access to web based textbooks, taking notes in class, collaborating on projects, and distributing content to students for class curriculum are some of the ways mobile devices are used in schools,” said Ronan Murphy, managing director, CWSI. “Securing mobile devices and their content, taking control of mobile apps, and assuring privacy of personally identifiable information are key challenges in the educational environment.”

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