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Companies worry about loss of identity as remote work becomes standard

Interim TechBeat results show new models of work come with a cost to business culture
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1 December 2022

More than 40% of businesses are more concerned with maintaining corporate culture than providing staff with the tools to carry out their jobs effectively, according to interim results from the latest TechBeat survey in association with Storm Technology.

Some 41% or respondents said they were most concerned about remote working’s effect on corporate culture, followed by how to train staff at 39% and providing secure access to systems at 34.5%.

“The picture our survey paints so far is one of companies accepting the new reality of the mobile workforce but are struggling to solve problems technical solutions can’t cope with,” said editor Niall Kitson.

“Time and again we hear about the loss of ‘watercooler moments’ and spontaneous collaboration and these seem to be a bigger driver of getting people back in to the office than having adequate access privileges or a working laptop.”

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