Businesses torn on value of carbon reduction plans

TechBeat, Pure Storage look to where responsibility lies for Green effort
Image: ready made via Pexels

27 October 2022

Ireland has a national target for carbon reduction of 51% by 2030, yet businesses are often unclear as to who is responsible for sustainability policies or how to manage progress.

In 2018 the EU introduced a law requiring businesses with a minimum of 500 employees to disclose information on how they manage social and environmental challenges. The benefits of such a move are obvious to staff, investors, and customers who share their sense of mission and corporate social responsibility.

The question arises, are smaller companies following suit or is sustainability still seen as a fringe concern that’s expensive to manage and has no effect on the bottom line?




TechBeat and Pure Storage are polling IT professionals to gauge the effectiveness of their sustainability efforts. One lucky respondent will win an Apple Watch SE.

To take part click the link here.

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