Apple just made it way easier to get broken devices repaired

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Repair shops in more than 200 countries to get access to genuine Apple parts



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30 March 2021 | 0

After expanding its US Independent Repair Provider pilot programme last year to Europe and Canada, Apple has announced it will now be offering genuine Apple parts to repair shops all over the globe in a massive expansion of the programme.

Instead of taking your broken iPhone to a high-priced Apple Genius Bar or rolling the dice with third party parts, customers in more than 200 countries will now be able to go to an independent repair shop and get the same high-quality parts that you’d get from the Apple Store. Previously, Apple kept its tools under lock and key, but independent repair shops will now offer the same genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics as an Apple Authorized Service Provider. The programme, which was limited to iPhones at launch, now includes all Apple products.

Repair shops big and small will be able to take advantage of the new programme without going through Apple’s rigorous certification to become an Authorized Service Provider. However, there are still limitations on who can join. Most notably, businesses need to have an Apple-certified technician who can perform the repairs, which requires a passing grade on both the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam and ACiT 2019 iOS Service Certification Exam. Additionally, shops must be located in a commercially zoned area, so people won’t be able to run Apple-backed repair shops out of their garage. Otherwise, there is no cost to join.




You can find a list of the countries where the programme is launching this week and later this year here. Unfortunately, Ireland isn’t on the list.

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