Apple iTunes reportedly hacked


5 July 2010

Apple customers have reported widespread unauthorised purchases from their iTunes accounts, leading many to surmise the online stores have been hacked.

Yesterday, a developer named Thuat Nguyen suddenly held 42 of the top 50 books in the store’s sales ranking with what appeared to be ripped off Vietnamese books, according to Engadget. That website noted many users had recently had their accounts hacked, with the attackers using their funds to buy the suddenly popular books.

While the news seems to have kicked off this weekend sparked by the clearly dubious climb up the iBooks charts, users have been hacked like this before, according to comments in Apple’s own forums.

“There’s been a rash of these kinds of issues. I got hit a couple weeks ago and last night my wife got hit. Apple has a real problem here. I’m done giving them money on iTunes,” noted user sundog61 on 22 June.




Several other posters report being hacked, losing $140 to over $400. “I was hacked too,” said scouncil1 over the weekend. “$140 in purchases. I removed my credit card info but see the hackers still managed to download some free apps tonight. I just changed my user name and password too.”

Apple has yet to return request for comment, although the Thuat Nguyen books seem to have disappeared from iTunes.

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