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The Power Game

5 March 2014


Adobe Revel
For: iOS, Mac, Windows 8
Revel is Adobe’s app for sharing, storing and managing photos and videos. Users can create albums, share photos and videos via social media and edit pictures as well as add captions and comments to the photos, Adobe said in a blog post announcing Revel’s availability for Android.
Revel is also integrated with the Mac and Windows applications Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 to allow users to upload photos to Revel’s cloud in order to access edited photos on the move. Files can also be uploaded to revel from Photoshop Express, GroupPix, VideoBite, Lightroom and iPhoto.
Revel is available for free with unlimited imports for the first 30 days after which users are limited to up to 50 photo and video uploads a month.

The Power Game
For: iOS, Android, Windows 8
One of the most successful board games across Northern Europe from 1975-1978, The Power Game was one of a range of 4 ‘thinking games’ by Irish inventor, Brian McCarthy and its appeal centred on being easy to learn but difficult to win.
The playing pieces were gears which intermingled with each other with the end objective of turning the opponent’s Master Gear (with an arrow on it) before your own Master Gear gets turned.
Because it is a game which rewards strategic thinking instead of the speed of one’s reflexes, the in-game purchases are focused only on changing the play environment but do not affect the actual play so, no play advantage can be bought.

For: iOS
Table quiz and trivia junkies will have plenty to amuse themselves with QuizFortune. The app breaks down into 11 categories from general knowledge to sport to food and drink. Each category has a number of 12-part rounds where correct answers win points, as do fast answers.
Either create an account to save and post your score to an overall scoreboard, play casually without an account, or integrate with Facebook so you can share score with your network.

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