A gamer gets the plaudits and the prizes at GameCon 5



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1 April 2005 | 0

The fifth cross-platform gamers’ conference GameCon took place in the Irish Management Institute on November 13th. The event lasted for a full 24 hours and was split between Microsoft Xbox console and PC gamers.

On the Xbox platform, Halo 2 was the most popular game at the event while EA’s FIFA Football 2005 competition was also hotly contested.

On the PC platform, Counter Strike and Call of Duty were the most popular.  Winners at the event included Jermain Williams aka Jazz in the FIFA Football 2005 competition, GrumPy (real name not revealed) for Halo 2 and Jeff O’Riordan for Def Jam Team. Owen Mills came out on top in the Farcry tournament while overall gold medals for gaming in the PC and Xbox categories went to Owen Mills and Jim Damien respectively.

GameCon6 takes place in February.


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