40% of AI laggards have no roadmap for adoption in place

Interim TechBeat survey results show many organisations not ready for AI
Image: Brett Sayles/Pexels

16 June 2022

Some 41% of IT professionals polled in the latest TechBeat survey in association with Agile Networks, say their organisation is not currently making use of artificial intelligence. Of that number, a further 41% said their organisation did not even have a road map for AI adoption.

“AI is still considered an emerging technology, so it’s perhaps unsurprising to see we haven’t reached the level of broad adoption just yet,” said Niall Kitson, editor,

“However, what is concerning is the that organisations without a plan for using AI right now are almost as likely not to have a plan for using it at all. I look forward to seeing if the next few weeks will dispel or reinforce this finding.”




TechBeat and Agile Networks are polling IT professionals for their opinions on how they see the networking landscape in 2022. One lucky respondent will win an Apple Watch SE.

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Congratulations to Derek Hardiman of Abbey Capital, winner of an Apple Watch for his participation in the last TechBeat survey in association with IP Telecom.

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