Windows 10 preview adds features for the visually impaired, tweaks new Night Light mode

Windows 10 Anniversary Update
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2 February 2017 | 0

Microsoft has just rolled out the latest Windows Insider build in the run-up to this spring’s Windows 10 Creators Update. This time around the new preview version of Windows includes some important updates for the visually impaired, and improvements for Windows addicts looking for some visual relief at night.

The improvements for blind users will help in multiple ways. First up is braille support in Narrator. Visually impaired users can employ a braille display in order to read the screen, and this latest feature makes that possible in the Insider preview. The feature is currently in beta and includes the ability to choose various languages and braille tables. The new braille options are under Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator.

Microsoft also added a mono audio option in the Ease of Access settings. That way all sound from the PC will be funnelled through one earphone. This allows users to hear all sounds from the PC in one ear while listening to people around them with the other.

On top of the two important improvements for visually impaired users, Microsoft also improved the Night Light feature. The display colour temperature slider now works across the entire range, allowing greater customisation of the display during night time computing sessions.

Finally, Microsoft also improved the Feedback Hub to reduce feedback duplication with a new feature called Collections.

Build 15025 may be an omen of things to come for the Insider programme. The latest rumours suggest Microsoft wanted to wrap up new features for the Creators Update by late January, as it prepares for an expected roll out in late March or April. If that is the case, we probably will not see that many exciting new features for general users. Instead, bug fixes and the like should be the main focus of Insider builds fairly soon.


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