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Villicom gets NHS treatment sites up and running amid coronavirus chaos

Wireless networks go live in 72 hours
Image: Villicom

22 April 2020

Wireless telecommunications provider Vilicom, has completed a successful deployment of two in-building networks that will support the continued efforts of NHS staff during the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The new sites, based in Glasgow’s SEC and Birmingham’s NEC arenas, now house treatment centres with the capacity to hold 496 and 516 beds respectively. Vilicom was tasked with providing intricate configuration and integration of new systems, while decommissioning existing legacy networks.

“Our call to action was immediate,” said Sean Keating, CEO of Vilicom. “We had just 24 hours to define the scope of the project. Within 48 hours we had designed and reviewed our operation, and began to co-ordinate and mobilise in-house resources, third party service partners and vendors. For context, we typically allow for a one-to-two-week timeframe for design and implementation once the scope of the work has been established.




“It is thanks to the unparalleled drive and hard work of all our staff that we were able to establish a fully operational network within 72 hours – a staggering feat and lasting testament to every individual involved. Our staff and vendors worked tirelessly to deliver this critical infrastructure in a high-pressure environment, when failure simply wasn’t an option. I am extremely proud of the work out dedicated teams have accomplished here,” Keating added.

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