Temple Street Hospital embraces PatientLINC workstations

Pictured: Shauna Murphy and her mother Glenda Vaughan using a PatientLINC work station at the Top Flat ward in Temple Street Hospital

21 May 2014

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital recently re-opened their Top Flat ward with a different kind of tablet for its patients. As a method of reducing parents and patients’ stress levels, the Hospital opted to instal a number of PatientLINC touch-enabled medical work station devices initially for use as media players. There also plans to introduce Internet access and video messaging through the devices in the near future.

“We evaluated the use of tablets such as iPads to deliver this service, but chose to use fixed bedside devices because of the varied ages of our patients,” said David Wall, head of ICT, Temple Street Hospital. “These units are more robust and secure than mobile devices, do not need charging, are always available and being fixed means they can be used by patients of all ages without the discomfort of being physically held.”

“Being in Hospital is an anxious, confusing and frustrating time for children and PatientLINC distracts them by providing entertainment that they are interested in,” said Fionnuala Mee, clinical nurse manager, Top Flat. “We expected that the system would make a difference but we have all been surprised at how big a difference it has made. Previously there was little to keep children occupied but know they have a reason to stay in their beds for far longer. This has meant they are not compromising their recovery and the whole ward is a calmer place. This has had a positive impact on patients, their parents and staff.”

Temple Street plans to use the bedside devices to allow clinical staff access patient information at the bedside thus improving overall patient care. Having patient results and x-rays available at beside to discuss with parents and patients will prove invaluable.

The Hospital’s PatientLINC plans don’t stop with the Top Flat ward. As Wall said: “Temple Street hopes to extend the use of PatientLINC to the remaining wards in the Hospital so we can improve the patient experience for all children staying in the Hospital.”

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