Tech Excellence Awards broadens reach with communications, Internet of Things

Recognising the best in digital and IoT

16 March 2023

The Tech Excellence Awards return to the Royal Marine Hotel on 25 May 2023. In this snapshot of winners from 2022 we look at the winners in the digital strategy and IoT categories.

Digital strategy partner of the year: Arekibo

Presented by Adrian Foley, Access and accepted by judging panel member Bernie Cullinan

Arekibo with RCSI have a suite of connected sites on a single platform that supports an the college’s overall strategy. This seamless experience cemented RCSI as a global leader in healthcare education.

IoT innovation of the year: Danalto

John O’Connell, Expleo, Mary Katherine Midgett and Albert Baker, Danalto

Danalto’s IoT platform provides high-accuracy Location Services across indoor and outdoor environments. Danalto makes asset tracking simple and cost effective with minimal power and infrastructure requirements compared to traditional tracking technologies.




For more information on the Tech Excellence Awards and how to enter click here.

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