TapeStor gets pumped up with Yosemite


1 April 2005

Seagate’s TapeStor Travan tape drive software bundle for the desktop now include TapeWare XD backup software from Yosemite Technologies.

TapeStor Travan is a complete high-performance tape backup system designed to protect data in high performance workstations and entry-level servers. The TapeWare desktop software package provides complete backup of a desktop system on Windows or Linux. It includes a simple user interface common to all platforms; intelligent restore to easily select files and target locations or restore the entire system; readiness for software upgrades without reinstall; and a free disaster recovery module for Windows (upon customer product registration).

The TapeStor Travan line also offers server-oriented TapeWare XE for Windows, NetWare and Linux with the new Travan 40 tape drives, which means that, according to Yosemite, SOHO and small companies now have cost-effective access to data protection that is typically available to the enterprise market. Each Seagate TapeStor Travan value bundle includes a cost-effective internal Travan tape drive with 20 or 40Gbyte of compressed capacity per cartridge, a data cartridge and TapeWare XD or TapeWare XE backup software.




Both the TapeStor Travan 20Gbyte and 40Gbyte tape drives incorporate Seagate’s FastSense technology feature that optimises backup time by allowing the tape drive to throttle its speed up or down to match the computer system’s resources. This ensures that the tape will continue to stream at a steady rate for quick, reliable backups. The tape drives are compatible with MS Windows 98/Professional 2000/ME/XP and Mac OS. USB 2.0 can move data up to 480Mbit/s compared with USB 1.1, which moves data up to 12Mbit/s.

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