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17 June 2011 | 0

Symantec’s James Caan has released a list of top tips on how to keep devices safe for Irish businesses and individuals, in order to prevent loss of data, identity theft and corruption of devices by malware and viruses.

Symantec’s first top tip is to ensure that electronic devices are kept safe and close, by at all times. It is possible to do this by keeping your phone in a safe pocket at all times. Also it is advisable to keep your laptop by your side when travelling.

With regards to free Wi-Fi, Symantec urge individuals to be aware of possible e-threats lurking in Free Wi-Fi. It is essential to keep your business information safe when accessing such wireless networks, while away from the work place. It is always advisable to use a secure website i.e. https:// address when accessing sensitive information. Symantec advise Irish businesses to educate their staff on the dangers of Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, cafes and the like, as they can be a breeding ground for malware.

Password security and PIN numbers are another possible area of weakness. It is imperative that PIN numbers, banking information or passwords not be saved on mobile phones or the desktops of laptops. If your device is lost or stolen it is important that these security codes not be readily available for thieves to exploit.




Precautionary measures are urged in relation to protecting your devices. Ensure that your mobile phone is equipped with security safeguards. In the unfortunate case that your devise is lost, be sure that is it both password protected and encrypted.

In the unfortunate event that your electronic device has been lost, speed is off the essence. Act quickly and call your IT manager immediately. Many software applications allow you to remotely wipe your smartphone, to protect a business’ information. If you do not have an IT department to remotely disable your phone, then call your service provider as they will be able to do the same.

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