Hannes Kruger, MikroCloud and Andrew Tobin, Stryve

Stryve ventures into South Africa with MikroCloud

Carlow cybersecurity firm on track for turnover of €10m in 2023
Hannes Kruger, MikroCloud and Andrew Tobin, Stryve

22 May 2023

Carlow-based cybersecurity firm Stryve has signed a joint venture deal with South African network automation start-up, MikroCloud. MikroCloud helps businesses across the globe securely manage MikroTik, a popular router and wireless Internet Service Provider system with a €5 billion global market share.

Having spotted a gap in the market for secure private cloud, Stryve was established in 2018. It has quickly scaled to a team of over 100 people, with offices in Carlow, Galway, Warsaw, Marrakesh and London. Its ambition is to become Europe’s largest cloud service provider. The company is on track to turnover more than €10 million in 2023.

MikroCloud is a low-cost SD-WAN tool for MikroTik. MikroCloud is developing a cost-effective, security-centric infrastructure management system for businesses that build networks using MikroTik devices. It offers service enhancements to MikroTik users in more than 170 countries.




The MikroCloud interface allows millions of MikroTik users to securely and seamlessly manage and configure tasks such as creating Wi-Fi hotspots, connecting multiple servers, and creating firewalls and virtual networks (VPNs) to distribute bandwidth.

Stryve CEO Andrew Tobin said: “We look forward to working closely with Hannes and his team in South Africa. The offering is a superb fit for our portfolio as a valuable security-based IP product with worldwide potential. Hannes and his team have developed an excellent user-focused interface for managing MikroTik. MikroCloud is a highly sought-after alternative to the well-known brands dominating the SD-WAN space. We see tremendous potential in assisting MikroCloud to gain significant international market share.“

Hannes Kruger, founder of MikroCloud said: “Our aim is to become the largest contributor to the MikroTik user community in the world, next to MikroTik themselves. This partnership with Stryve is a crucial enabler of that journey. We are enthusiasts of MikroTik products and have an exciting roadmap for the next 18 months, a significant part of which leads to an AI-driven security offering. Stryve is a well-known name in cybersecurity, and the synergy between us is palpable. This next chapter excites me.”

Stryve has hinted that further announcements are expected in the coming months.

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