SpaceFest beats the elements to make Sunday launch

NSC, Greywood Arts collaboration expected to attract more than 1,600 visitors
National Space Centre artist in residence, Blanche Godiver

10 November 2023

SpaceFest, a collaboration of the National Space Centre (NSC) and Greywood Arts begins this Sunday, 12 November. More than 1,600 people are expected to take part in a series of free events in science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

A part of Science Week, this year’s festival comes after Storm Babet swept through the town of Killeagh in East Cork, causing substantial damage to local infrastructure and amenities.

While the NSC’s iconic 32-metre dish was undamaged, local roads were flooded, and Greywood Arts’ centre and education space was flooded education space, causing the destruction of equipment intended for the Festival’s installations.

This year’s event features facility tours, an art installation by The Dahu Collective, contributions from local school children, video installations, and a curated astronomy photo gallery. Additionally, an online mixology workshop with astrophysicist Dr. Alfredo Carpineti explores drink mixing inspired by a newly discovered nebula, while a Saturday night gig in Killeagh by the Celestials will serve as a fundraiser for Greywood Arts.

Jessica Bonenfant, creative director, Greywood, said: “Science Week’s theme of ‘Human’ has been the perfect springboard for exploring the intersection of space science and performance art. We’ve asked people to imagine the planet of their dreams to create a spectacular immersive experience for visitors that we hope will inspire further learning and reflection about our place in the universe.”

Rory Fitzpatrick, chief executive officer, National Space Centre, said: “SpaceFest is the only event each year where we open to the public. It’s an incredible place that really comes to life during the Festival with creativity, art, science and crowds of curious space enthusiasts. It’s great to be able to bring the community together again despite the challenges of Babet.”

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