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1 April 2005 | 0

First things first: the Siemens SL55 is a very small and very light mobile phone. For those of you who have yearned for the opportunity to shove your mobile in your front jeans pocket without producing an ugly bulge, you will find salvation in this phone. ‘Designed for desire’ is how Siemens heralds its latest model and if you’re a firm believer in good things coming in small packages prepare to lust after this little gem. It can even be worn seductively around the neck.

Better still, the SL55 achieves its compact fit with no major technical trade offs. It comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from the jewel in the crown of the Siemens range: a display with 4096 colours, a phone that can be used to send and receive MMS, as well as take photos with the optional attachable camera. These can be sent to another phone or an e-mail account. Polyphonic ringtones are standard, as well as voice command, hands free talking and Java support for more gaming fun, GPRS and WAP.

At the business end of things, the SL55 automatically synchronises contacts, business and social schedules wirelessly with your PC and handheld computer. The dictaphone feature can easily record around five minutes of speech and the phone is Tri Band, so on those visits to the US, you should still be able to phone home.




Siemens has managed to cram all this goodness into what can only be described as a very attractive shell, verging on pretty. The ‘Powerslide’ mechanism, by which the phone slides open to reveal a small but perfectly formed keypad, works well. The action is even accompanied by a satisfying hissing sound, played through the unit’s built-in speaker. The keys themselves respond adequately and navigating around the well designed menu system is a cinch. Graphic and sound files are stored in a folder and file system that anyone that has ever brushed past a PC will be familiar with and adding your own pictures to the phones memory is not complicated.

However, let’s not forget that we are talking about a mobile telephone here and it is in this respect that the SL55 truly shines: the sound quality is excellent, with none of the tinny, scratchy qualities that one might expect from a phone of this size.

Does this beauty have any flaws? Well, if your fingers are on the large side, the somewhat dainty keypad might pose a few problems. Likewise, those amongst you with extraordinarily long fingernails might struggle. The camera is an optional extra and plugs into the base of the phone when required. This will be a deterrent for those who seek pure spontaneity in their shots but the built-in flash arguably makes up for this.

Live! Verdict

In short, this is a beautiful phone and Siemens is clearly pushing it to the beautiful people. Go out and buy one if the optional camera issue doesn’t bother you. Just don’t let them persuade you to wear it around your neck!

Siemens SL55

  • EUR299 for first time connection or EUR199 for trade-in with O2 for first time connection; EUR279 for first time connection with Vodafone   
  • Network frequency: Tri Band with GPRS support
  • Weight: 79g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 81,6 x 44,5 x 21,9 mm
  • Battery: Up to 200 hours
  • Display: 4096 colours, 7 lines, 101 x 80 pixels

Contact: Vodafone or 02 dealers nationwide


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