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3 January 2013

Security specialist BH Consulting has announced a partnership with the SANS Institute to integrate its Securing the Human programme into the firm’s information security and risk management services. The programme provides on-going security awareness training for personnel.

"As a member of the advisory board for Securing the Human, I’ve seen it develop into one of the best security awareness training programme currently available," said Brian Honan, managing director, BH Consulting. "Securing the Human provides organisations with a comprehensive and cost effective solution to raising security awareness amongst their staff."

"Technical security controls are vital in maintaining the security of an organisation’s systems, networks and data. However, many organisations fail to factor the human element into their security programmes," warned Honan. "Most of the major security breaches that made recent headlines all had an element of human interactions, either deliberate or accidental, that contributed to the breach. Educating staff on how to recognise and respond to security threats is vital."




"Security awareness is important for every organisation-not just those with big budgets. This special programme provides the opportunity to use the best SANS training at very competitive pricing," said John Fitzgerald, managing director, SANS Securing The Human. "Your organisation is a target and your employees are one of the primary attack vectors for cyber attackers. Unfortunately many organisations, especially smaller ones, lack the expertise and resources to effectively train their people against these growing cyber threats. At SANS Securing The Human we know and understand this problem – and we have a solution that can help you change behaviour in your organisation and become safer."

Fitzgerald went on to say "Securing The Human will host the training videos for Irish companies in our own Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), allowing you to manage, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Awareness Training for your users in real time. The training is complimented with support materials, including newsletters, posters and screensavers, which allow you to continually reinforce the CBT training throughout the year, ensuring the greatest impact and ultimately change in behaviour."  

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