Science Week 2018

Science Week challenges the public to #StopAndAsk

Nationwide festival celebrates STEM in all its forms

12 November 2018

The science of a zombie outbreak, an examination of how we age and a family day out at Lismore Heritage Centre are among the highlights of this year’s Science Week, which is underway.

More than 1,200 events will be held across Ireland as part of Science Week, which runs until 18 Novembre.

Throughout the week, Science Foundation Ireland will run its #StopAndAsk campaign, where the public is encouraged to pose questions about the world around them on social media. The campaign will see the public join in on the scientific process with a variety of expert researchers providing insights to their questions.

The variety of questions can range from the weird to the wonderful, and some of the #StopAndAsk questions that are already on the agenda for discovery include: “Could Spiderman really exist?”, “If I breathe in enough helium would I float?” and “How does an autistic brain work compared to a neurotypical one?”.

Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research & Development John Halligan, said: “Science Week is a great initiative by Science Foundation Ireland as it dedicates a week to science and technology, a key driver behind some of the great work that is being done in Ireland today.

“The public all around the country are being afforded the opportunity to attend events facilitated by some of the country’s leading scientists. They are also being asked to get involved on social media by asking questions about anything they have ever wondered. Science Week is a fantastic opportunity for the public to get more involved with science that should not be missed.”

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