Schneider Electric Ethernet Gateway Link150

Schneider Electric Ethernet Gateway Link150 (Image: Schneider Electric)

7 January 2016

The Ethernet Gateway Link150 from Schneider Electric is an Ethernet Gateway for PowerLogic system devices, and other communicating devices utilising the Modbus protocol.

The Link150 provides fast, reliable connectivity in demanding applications, says its maker, from a single building to a multi-site enterprise.

The gateway supports power and energy meters, circuit monitors, protective relays, trip units, motor controls and other devices that need to communicate data quickly and efficiently. It is a simple, cost-effective serial line to full Ethernet connectivity, offering complete access to all status and measurement information.

Schneider says that the Link150 is easy to install, configure and maintain, with a secure user interface including user’s name and password for log-in. It has advanced security features to allow users to specify which Modbus TCP/IP master devices may access attached serial slave devices. The Link150 is also compatible with other software offerings from Schneider, such as StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert, StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert, etc., with reliable Modbus to Ethernet protocol conversion.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the Link150 Ethernet Gateway. It is the latest addition of top of the range energy management products from Schneider Electric, which will help customers make the most of their energy. We’ve created a product with both the installer and consumer in mind as it’s easy to install, set up and maintain. The release of the Link150 reinforces Schneider Electric’s commitment to providing world-class products that help users make sustainable and eco-conscious decisions about their energy usage, resulting in time and monetary savings across the board,” said Poonam Walid, category marketing manager.


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