SAP to give HANA in-memory database ‘mission-critical’ features



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15 November 2012 | 0

SAP has developed an update for its HANA in-memory database that will enable it to "power mission-critical transactional and analytical applications in one platform," the vendor announced today at the TechEd and Sapphire conferences in Madrid.
HANA became generally available last year and since then, SAP has positioned the database at the centre of its overall product strategy.
Service pack stack 5 for HANA includes capabilities SAP has been developing to allow its flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) transactional applications to run on the database. Right now, many SAP ERP customers use Oracle and other databases. Announcements concerning ERP and HANA are expected early next year.

New features in SPS5 include a "read-optimised column store" for online analytic processing (OLAP) as well as a "write-optimised row store" for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, SAP said.
The update also includes improved text analytics, allowing companies to analyse text-based data from social media and other sources in 31 languages, new library functions for predictive analytics, and application server features for deploying applications from HANA.
In addition, SPS5 focuses on larger-scale HANA deployments, with features such as "hot and warm standby servers," as well as tie-ins to third-party backup tools for disaster tolerance and failover capabilities.
It was not immediately clear when SPS5 will be available.
While initial HANA sales have reportedly been strong, and SAP has introduced lower-cost versions of the database as well as ported it to Amazon Web Services, high pricing has remained a concern.

To this end, SAP is planning to enable the deployment of multiple HANA instances within a single appliance, allowing for testing and development. While this would help customers save on hardware costs, it was not immediately clear whether all instances on a box would require a paid HANA licence.
Along with the service pack, SAP intends to link its Sybase Event Stream Processor software to HANA, and will position Sybase PowerDesigner as a common modelling environment for all data stores, according to a statement. No availability dates were provided.




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