‘Ride-share’ and ‘unboxing’ added to Oxford dictionary

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27 February 2015 | 0

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft looking to promote the ‘sharing’ aspect of their service have scored a victory of sorts.

‘Ride-share’ is now a recognised verb, according to Oxford Dictionaries, which defines it as to “participate in an arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for free or for a fee, especially as arranged by means of a website or app.”

The word was one of hundreds added in the last quarterly update to OxfordDictionaries.com, which is published by Oxford University Press. So take that, critics who insist that Uber and its ilk are technically ride-booking, not ride-sharing, apps.

Other additions include ‘bioprinting,’ defined as as “the use of 3D printing technology with materials that incorporate viable living cells, e.g. to produce tissue for reconstructive surgery”.

And ‘unboxing’, a favourite past time for Apple enthusiasts especially “an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site”.

That’s quite the definition, especially when Merriam-Webster’s defines ‘unbox’ merely as “to remove from a box”.

Merriam-Webster does not have a definition for ride-share. But Dictionary.com says it’s “an act or instance of sharing, rides or transportation, especially by commuters,” though with no mention of apps.

Oxford also added vishing, which is like phishing, but using phone calls or voice messages instead of e-mails to trick people in revealing sensitive information.

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