Ricoh Ireland signs up to Low Carbon Pledge

Gary Hopwood, Ricoh
Gary Hopwood, Ricoh

Leaders Group on Sustainability plans 50% reduction in greenhouse emmissions by 2030



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3 December 2018 | 0

Ricoh Ireland committed to reducing its scope 1&2 greenhouse gas emmissions 50% by 2030 after signing up to the Leaders Group on Sustainability’s Low Carbon Pledge.

This pledge reflects Ricoh’s global commitment to achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2050 and continually minimise the environmental impact of their operations by being more energy efficient, reducing its carbon emissions and procuring renewable energy. Organisations that have signed up to the pledge will also be able to work together to share best practice, pool resources and exchange data to have a greater impact on sustainability.

The Low Carbon Pledge – the first dedicated pledge made by Irish businesses to reduce carbon usage – will also help Ricoh Ireland to improve the energy usage of its clients, supply chains and the operations of the communities in which it operates. As part of the partnership, Ricoh Ireland will also review its commitments annually.

The pledge ties into wider global carbon reduction targets, as set out in the Paris Agreement, to maintain global temperatures at less than 2°C below pre-industrial levels. Furthermore, it builds on Ireland’s EU 2030 carbon emissions target which is to reduce its emissions by 30% relative to its 2005 carbon emissions.

Established in May 2018, the Low Carbon Pledge is powered by the Leaders Group on Sustainability (launched by Business in the Community), a coalition of Ireland’s leading companies striving to improve the sustainability of the business sector. All companies in the Leaders Group have the Business Working Responsibly Mark, the NSAI audited standard for CSR and sustainability.

Gary Hopwood, Managing Director, Ricoh Ireland, said: “The Low Carbon Pledge demonstrates, in practical terms, the commitment of Irish businesses to reducing carbon emissions. It’s not enough to talk about being more sustainable and efficient; organisations now need to act by implementing effective strategies that address pressing issues facing society and bring about change across the world.

“It will also help to promote wider, complementary initiatives that enable companies to achieve their reduction targets and encourage businesses to get involved in community schemes developed to create a low carbon economy. As well as reduction, reviewing, recording and reporting is a vital part of the process, as is sharing information and knowledge.

“Signing up to the pledge reflects our own company values around sustainability. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through the adoption of available technologies; not just for the associated business efficiencies, but to reduce the environmental impact on our planet.”

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