Return to the office an opportunity to turn asset disposal into a social good, says charity

Camara Education offers ethical, sustainable equipment recycling

28 June 2021

Camara Education has called on businesses to rethink their e-waste strategy as plans are put in place for a post-pandemic return to the workplace.

Camara Education is a registered charity that sets up computer labs in schools across Africa – currently in Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania and Zambia – and trains teachers and local staff to use and maintain them.

“We believe that prolonging the life of computer equipment through refurbishment and reuse is a crucial step towards sustainability and protecting the natural environment,” said Aidan Tallon, CEO, Camara Education. “Working with Camara can help companies deliver both social and environmental impact – reducing waste and emissions around IT disposal, while offering transformative digital education to some of the world’s most underprivileged children.”




Since its foundation in 2005, Camara has installed more than 120,000 computers in over 10,000 schools. Camara estimate that these have impacted at least 3.7 million children.

Alongside full audits and data erasure certification, Camara’s customers get a certification of the value of their donation, which in most cases can be offset against tax as a charitable donation. And they get reports on the impact of their donations, which they can share with stakeholders.

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